Windows Live

How’d they do that?

Work from anywhere.

Share your adventures.

Learn all the cool stuff you can do with Windows Live™
directly from people like you.

Work isn’t about being in one place from 9 to 5 anymore.
E-mail, IM, and share large files from anywhere you’re online
with Windows Live.

Upload photos to your Windows Live Space from your
web-enabled phone or PC from anywhere life takes you.

Unite your devices

You know Windows Live™ keeps you connected–now learn how you can
use Windows to connect to your PC, phone, and TV.

Are you ready for the games?

The 2008 games are coming to on MSN. Tune in for
live events, the latest news, and exclusive footage.

Great tips from Winston.

Introducing Winston, a community member with tons of e-mail
expertise. Get his tips and tricks for Windows
Live Mail, Hotmail® and Outlook® Express.


Jamie’s special day.

Jamie helped jumpstart the community early with some great posts,
including one about how he’s using Windows Live
Events to help him while he plans his upcoming


Prizes for sports nuts.

Use Hotmail on your mobile to answer daily sports trivia.

Free ring tones.

Express a bit of who you are with every call you get.

Get a sporty wink.

Free, when you find out who your inner athlete is.

Fantasy Football time!

Create or join a fantasy football league, free.

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One Response to Windows Live

  1. رنگِ حیات says:

    Thank U for the wish Tarique.
    P.S.   I like ur tag line:  You are Remembered for the Rules you Break!

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