A Pakhtun freedom fighter needs to be recognised who
gave many sacrifices during the struggle for Pakistan.

Gul Akbar killed many British officers during the freedom
movement and was a close guard of legendary fighter Ajab Khan Afridi
of Darra Adamkhel. They together carried out many marauding
expeditions in the Kohat cantonment to steal guns from the British

Once they, mistakenly, kidnapped the daughter of a British
officer from the Kohat cantonment and took her to Darra Adamkhel.
Later they let her free and in 1983 she, known as Mollie Ellis,
visited Pakistan.

Ajab Khan Afridi has been remembered by the local administration
and his statue on the back of a horse has been erected near the same
bungalow from where they had kidnapped Ms Ellis. But, unfortunately,
his closest guard needs recognition today.

He was hanged by the British in Kohat prison in 1926 and was
buried near the gallows because they feared that if his body was
taken out his body would be given heroic welcome by the tribesmen,
and they might attack the British officers to take revenge.

The district administration, after demolishing the old jail, is
constructing a plaza there currently.

The excavation process has made the grave of Gul Akbar vulnerable
that may collapse any time. Is there anybody to save the hero’s

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