Microsoft 2.0

Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era

Microsoft 2.0 is about Microsoft’s future, not its past. The
coming years will be challenging ones for the Redmond software kingpin.
Many of the executives currently leading the Microsoft charge are
likely to go their own way. Technology will continue to advance at a
breakneck pace. Microsoft will forge deals of the size and scope it
previously never envisioned in order to keep pace. Foley doesn’t claim
to possess a crystal ball, allowing her to predict flawlessly what
Microsoft plans to do in the next few years ? or even few months. But
based on the many Microsoft executives, partners, customers and
competitors with whom she converses regularly, she is sitting in a good
spot to make some fairly educated guesses that will be most interesting
to her readers.

This book describes the Microsoft people, products and strategies
that will be key for the next-gen Microsoft. Foley uses her
professional experience to piece the puzzle together in order to reveal
a reasonable, educated guess as to what Microsoft 2.0 will look like as
it enters the next decade and beyond.
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