Outside the door,
lurking in the shadows,
is a terrorist.
Is that the wrong description?
Outside the door,
taking shelter in the shadows,
is a freedom-fighter.
I haven’t got this right.
Outside, waiting in the shadows,
is a hostile militant.
Are words no more
than waving, wavering flags?
Outside the door, watchful in the shadows,
is a guerrilla warrior.
God help me.
Outside, defying every shadow,
stands a martyr.
I saw his face.
No words can help me now.
Just outside the door,
lost in shadows,
is a child who looks like mine.
One word for you.
Outside my door,
his hand too steady,
his eyes too hard
is a boy who looks like your son, too.
I open the door.
Come in, I say.
Come in and eat with us.
The child steps in
and carefully, at my door,
takes off his shoes.


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4 Responses to THE RIGHT WORD

  1. sarwat says:

    salam!came online after a long period,saw ur blog. achi selection dekh ker acha laga. keep it up. God bless u . 

  2. Tarique says:

    Thanks for the comment Sarwat Shakir

  3. Leanne says:

    Assalamu Alaikom,
    This is an interesting read… and I find it to have a really deep meaning.. The first few discriptions are typical of what muslims are known by thru the media but what is often forgotten and not portrayed thru the media is that these men, these boys who are giving up their lives to fight for the sake of Allah (swt) are the sons of loving parent, are the brothers of sisters who love them dearly , are the father of children themselves, are the husbands of the wives they leave behind. Subhnallah….And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: "They are dead." Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not. 2.154 
    Jazakallah ! & keep em coming Inshallah. 

  4. Mera says:

    Asalam-o-AlikumThanks alot for the comment…well its not my poetry..the poet is anonymous..but its all about life which we r goin through…Take Care Regards Hania

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