Your Introduction to Architecture

Welcome to Skyscrapr, a new site on MSDN where you can learn about software architects and architecture.  Whether you have a career aspiration to become a software architect, or you are wondering what architects in IT organizations are responsible for, Skyscrapr is the place to find out the answer.

Software Architecture: Past, Present and Future
Junior and senior developers are asking about software architecture and software architects. In this article we discuss the history of software architecture and address the forbidden question: "Can a developer become a software architect?"

What is an Architect?
Imagine two architects sitting together at a technology conference – one is clearly very interested in the impact of architecture on the long term IT strategy of the company, the other is interested in how best to use SQL data access patterns in an application for the company.  Both may have the architect title on their business card, but both are clearly different types of architects.

What Would You Like to Know?
First time visiting skyscrapr? You probably have some basic questions. What is architecture? What does an architect do? How do I become an architect? What other architects are out there (who should I be following)? What types of architects are there? Where should I be reading about architecture?

Direction for New Architects
This May and June, Microsoft Events will host a four-part webcast series focused on up-and-coming architects. Topics include architecture 101, services orientation and other architectural approaches, software development lifecycle and methodologies, and transitioning from a developer to an architect.

More articles and media…

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