Women in Technology (WIT)

Welcome to the Women in Technology (WIT) Web site.

WIT is a one-stop shop Web site, dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology fields. As a thought leader in the IT industry, Microsoft is committed to the ongoing development of female professionals and encouraging new professionals to join the industry. For this reason, Microsoft has provided this site, specifically designed to support women in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) who work with technology.

The WIT Web site grants the female developer community a medium to grow as technologists and business leaders. The site features many tools for developers, including:

A forum to support communication among women in computing.

A medium that matches mentors with protégés for career development and opportunities, and improved job satisfaction.

Tools to connect and communicate with other developers or customers.

Providing insights and advice from fellow technologists, including senior female Microsoft developers, to further the professional advancement of women of all ages in computing.

If you wish to learn more about how you can realise your potential, this site can assist you with useful, educational, and inspirational information. Enjoy.

“To promote technology related education, career, entrepreneurship and to empower women and enhance their participation in policy and decision making in the field of technology and business in general.” TREMU

* Technology Resource Mobilization Unit (TReMU)

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