World Cyber Games

1. a global tournament in which sport is conducted within the medium of cyberspace, also known as e-sports.
2. a rapidly growing international olympics in which nearly one million players complete against one another for the title of world champion in separate events.
3. a gaming industry conference drawing industry leaders and technology experts as speakers and
attendees to share ideas about the present and future of e-sports and their cultural relevance to society.
4. a worldwide youth festival inaugurated in 2000 and held annually.
5. the only single e-sports event organizing competition from six continents.
6. the largest cyber-gaming event serving what is becoming the largest sports market in the world.
* Daejeon Expo Park, Site of 2001 Daejeon World Expo
** Seoul Olympic Park, Site of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games
Rapidly growing participation in the World Cyber Games corroborates considerable size of underserved market.
In near term, growth is expected to limited primarily by capacity to serve market

Some wallpapers are here


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  1. Unknown says:

    مجھ سے اب میری محبت کے افسانے نا کہو مجھ کو کہنے دو کہ میں نے انھیں چاہا ہی نہیں اور وہ مست نگاہیں جو مجھے بھول گیئں میں نے ان مست نگاہوں کو سراہا ہی نہیں

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