امپائر ڈیرل ہیئر کا آئی سی سی کو خط

یہ امپائر  ڈیرل ہیئر کا وہ خط ھے جسمیں اس نے  آئی سی سی سے اپنے مستعفی ھونے کے پانچ لاکھ ڈالر مانگے ھیں-
Transcripts of Hair’s letter to ICC

From: Darrell Hair
Sent: Tuesday 22nd August 2006
To: Doug Cowie
Subject: The way forward

Doug, just to firm up what we discussed earlier this evening. I appreciate the ICC may be put in an untenable position with regards to future appointments and having taken considerable time and advice, I make this one-off, non-negotiable offer.

I am prepared to retire/stand down/relinquish my position on the elite panel to take effect from 31st August 2006 on the following terms:

1 – A one-off payment to compensate the loss of future earnings and retainer payment over the next four years which I believe would have been the best years I have to offer ICC and world umpiring. This payment is to be the sum of [US dollars] 500,000 – details of which must be kept confidential by both parties. This sum to be paid directly into my account by 31st August 2006.

2 – ICC may announce the retirement in any way they wish, but I would prefer a simple ‘lifestyle choice’ as this was the very reason I moved from Australia to settle in the UK three years ago.

3 – No public comment to be made by me as to possible reasons for the decision.

4 – This offer in no way precludes me taking legal action and/or instigating libel suits against various sections of the electronic and print media for comments made either previously or in the future.

5 – This in no way precludes me taking civil action (and exercising my rights as a resident of the UK in any court of law and by any other avenue open to me) against any organisation or persons currently part of ICC and in particular, members of the Pakistan cricket team and the Pakistan Cricket Board.

I reiterate this is a once only offer and if I fail to obtain your agreement I shall continue to be available under the terms of my current contract till March 31 2008 to fulfil umpiring appointments as and when ICC sees fit in any country at any time in any series or matches involving any affiliated teams.

I would also insist that my ongoing contracted employment continue in its current form until such time as an ICC performance assessment deems me to be no longer able to perform the duties to the high class expected of an international umpire.

Would you please let me know at your earliest convenience of your acceptance or otherwise of this offer.

Sincerely, Darrell Hair.


From: Doug Cowie
To: Darrell Hair
CC: David Richardson
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Subject: Re: The way forward.

Darrell, Your offer may have merit and is acknowledged and under discussions with ICC management. Your timeframes seemed impractical at first glance even if agreement were achieved on the suggestion. Will discuss this further tomorrow.


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9 Responses to امپائر ڈیرل ہیئر کا آئی سی سی کو خط

  1. Tarique says:

    IN hindsight, the unfortunate incident involving our cricket team and Australian umpire Darrell Hair at The Oval in London last Sunday was inevitable.
    It could easily have been avoided if the relevant cricket bodies, namely, the Pakistan Cricket Board and more so the International Cricket Council, had the foresight to take appropriate action much earlier.
    Just as our cricket team is indignant at being accused of ball tampering and thus cheating, umpire Hair is resentful of being called names like “racist” and “mini-Hitler”.
    All this could have been prevented, with both sides spared the infamy of such accusations and the reputation of the sport kept intact as well, if timely measures had been taken to address certain issues in international cricket that had been persistently ignored and swept under the carpet.
    Our cricket team and officials had already been feeling piqued by Hair’s umpiring attitude for some time, particularly so during England’s tour of Pakistan last year when Hair was involved in a run out incident against Inzamam at Faisalabad.
    The smart thing for PCB to do was to protest through the proper channels about Hair’s behaviour to officially register our unhappiness at least, if not to ensure that he did not supervise Pakistan’s future matches.
    But PCB apparently did not file such a complaint. According to former ICC president Ehsan Mani who was interviewed (strangely) over an American radio station, he had advised PCB to register a formal complaint against Hair after last year’s incident so that ICC could take action, but PCB did not do so and ICC could not take unilateral action.
    ICC cannot absolve itself of blame now by pointing the finger at PCB.
    Pakistani cricketers and officials are not the only ones who are upset by Hair’s umpiring attitude. The Sri Lankans and Indians have long been critical of Hair’s umpiring and both have serious concerns regarding Hair officiating their matches. (In fact, complaint by the Sri Lankans had managed to get them some respite from Hair’s supervision of their matches.) The wise thing for the ICC to do was to resolve the issue once and for all and “let the game get on”. It should have addressed the concerns of their member teams, look carefully into the issues, and take remedial measures, including amending certain laws to make umpires more accountable and introducing available technology to help umpires get more of their decisions right, as it is already being done in some other sports.
    Instead, however, the ICC merely sat and watched the controversy fester and grow, emboldening Hair and other ICC umpires to continue handing down questionable judgments. As a western cricket commentator wrote last week: “…the indignation aroused by his (Hair’s) control of the Faisalabad Test last November meant that to appoint him (Hair) to stand in the last two Tests in England was inviting trouble”.
    As the view and judgment of the umpire is supposed to be “right”, the laws of the game should be such that they ensure as far as possible that his view or judgment of “right” is in line with the facts and not with his personal biases.
    Nowadays the application of modern technology to a large extent can help to ensure this by providing independent solid evidence for an umpire’s view. This helps to make it less possible for umpires either to make judgments based on personal opinion or to be over zealous in applying the correct laws of the game, and then claim immunity of official regulations.
    In reality, however, persistent inconsistency in defining certain actions of different cricketers in international matches has shaken the confidence of cricket teams in the objectivity of the umpire’s judgment.
    It is well known that while western cricketers like Flintoff and Jones are said to have mastered the art of reverse swing, the same action by Asian players like Imran, Waseem, Waqar and now Asif, is labelled as ball tampering. Similarly, while Shane Warne is a great spinner and Brett Lee the fastest bowler, the same kind of skills displayed by Murali and Shoaib earn them the name of chucker.
    Granted that umpires are human and all humans can make mistakes. But this is all the more important to have laws and technology that help to determine whether the umpire’s mistake is human or intentional error.
    South Asians are not the only ones complaining. The West Indians also have a bone to pick with ICC’s umpires.
    In the aftermath of the fiasco at The Oval last Sunday, the captain of the West Indies cricket team revealed last Tuesday that the West Indies Cricket Board had complained to the ICC regarding 16 or 17 biased or incompetent umpire decisions after the Australia-West Indies series in Australia last year. (Note: Hair did not officiate in this Australia-West Indies series.) No doubt cricketers should not be allowed to intimidate umpires and the ICC should continue to be strict on players. But at the same time it is the ICC’s responsibility to ensure that the integrity of umpires should not be controversial or questionable which is as bad for the reputation of cricket as unruly spectators chanting racist slogans at matches. Both need to be strictly discouraged if not stamped out for the game to maintain its integrity and entertainment value.
    Hair’s bowing out of the international cricket scene however, either by resignation or by ICC action, is not going to solve cricket’s problem. The ICC still needs to revamp some of the laws of the game.

  2. خاور says:

    جناب !ـ
    آپ کی تصاویر بہت ذیاده پهیل جاتی ہیں ـ
    اگر ان پر قدغن لگا دیں تویه ذیاده بہتر لگیں گی ـ
    چهوٹی تصاویر جن کو کلک کر کے بڑا کیا جا سکتا هے ـ
    هوم پیج کے کهلنے کے دورانیے کو بهی کم کرتي ہیں ـ

  3. Tarique says:

    خاور آپکے توجہ دلانے کا شکریہ،اصل میں یہ تصویر میں نے ڈان اخبار ، مورخہ ٢٧ اگست ٢٠٠٦ سے لی ھے اور اخبار میں بھی یہ کچھ ایسی ھی ھے-بھر حال میں نے اس خط کا متن بھی لکھ دیا ھے ، امید ھے اس سے کچھ آسانی ھو جاے گی

  4. Tarique says:

    ڈيرل ہيئر کے اب تک کے تمام متنازعہ فيصلوں کی ازسرنو تحقيقات کرائی جانی چاہئے۔ اور ان پر مقدمہ چلا کر قصوروار ثابت ہونے کی صورت ميں ايکشن ليا جانا چاہئيے۔ ان کے رقم کے مطالبے کے بعد پاکستان کے کيس کو کافی تقويت ملی ہے۔ اسے کہتے ہيں ’ آپ ہی اپنے دام ميں صياد آ گيا‘۔

  5. Tarique says:

    Reactions to the revelations that Darrell Hair offered to resign as an elite umpire has brought a swathe of reaction. Here is a selection
    "I am dumbfounded. I cannot believe what has transpired but I guess he realises the consequences now."A Pakistan camp insider
    "It\’s hard to see how Darrell Hair can umpire at any future international match. They have made his position untenable now. To imagine he can umpire down the line in international matches is hard to see. It seems extraordinary when you consider that Inzamam-ul-Haq has been charged on two counts – one of ball-tampering, for which nobody can find any evidence, and secondly for bringing the game into disrepute on the back of the first charge. So poor old Inzy finds himself under two charges, but Darrell Hair, after these extraordinary letters, finds himself under no charge whatsoever " Former England captain and Sky Sports commentator Mike Atherton
    "Darrell Hair was probably advised to do what he has done. He was under a huge amount of pressure. It didn\’t help when he had the Pakistan team saying they wouldn\’t have Darrell Hair as an umpire again and Bangladesh following suit. It\’s not the sort of thing you need." Former England captain Mike Gatting
    "It will be very hard for Darrell Hair to umpire at not just international level but also first-class level." Former England batsman Allan Lamb
    "He does what he thinks is right regardless of the consequences. My immediate reaction was \’typical Darrell\’."ICC general manager cricket Dave Richardson
    "I am absolutely shocked and stunned to hear what is happening and it all takes some believing. It is a very, very sad time for cricket and there is no doubt our great game has been badly hurt. But as in the past, I am sure it will eventually get over it. It was Darrell\’s decision to do what he did and it has undoubtedly created problems for him. The hierarchy must make the decision in due course but with that sort of money involved things are looking bad for him. It is looking like the charges are going to be dropped. It is looking in favour of Pakistan now and it is my regret that it ever came to this in the first place." Dickie Bird, the former Test umpire
    "This is between ICC and Darrell Hair. It doesn\’t concern us. Our biggest issue is that we want to play in front of British crowds and we decided that at 9.30 this morning. He [Hair] backed out of what he said to the ICC, the offer. He says one thing and then another. What he is thinking and how it will affect us I do not know."Pakistan team manager, Zaheer Abbas

  6. Tarique says:

    ايک طرف تواقبال جرم کرنا اس پر پيسہ مانگنا يہ تو ھڈدرمی ہے-اس واقح کی پوری تحقيقات ہونا چاھے-ہو سکتا ہو اور بھی چہرے بےنقاب ہوں-

  7. رنگِ حیات says:

    Asalam Alaikum
    when r u planning to post " جب عشق سکھاتا ہے آداب خود آگاہي " and "آوارہ ".  Aur yeh آوارہ  afsana hai ya shaiyeri??? Just wondering & waiting k aap kab post karain gai.
    Posts ki muntazir

  8. Unknown says:

    Darrell Hair waqai acha admin nahi hai, Aik tp pakistani team par ilzaam lagaya upper se paise mang raha hai.
    ishi se iski niat ka pata chal raha hai.
    Darrell Hair ke sath ab jo ho raha hai acha ho raha hai.
    Wa Salam

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