Charm Your Source Code

Get Connected with the .NET Framework 2.0 and
Visual Studio® 2005 (and Beyond)


These days, it seems like everything’s talking. Smart Client applications are sending emails and uploading and downloading files from the Internet. Browsers are talking to Web servers asynchronously. And enterprise systems are using a myriad of Web Services, .NET Remoting, and other technologies to get the job done.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep the conversations flowing with the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 and the forthcoming WinFX® platform. In this free half-day event, you’ll see the future of writing connected systems by exploring the upcoming Windows Communication Foundation. Check out how easy it is to send mail, work with FTP and HTTP, and detect network availability and status by using the System.Net namespace. And learn how quickly you can create AJAX-style applications by using the powerful new "Atlas" framework.

Session 1: Exploring the System.Net Namespace in the .NET Framework 2.0
Session 2: Windows Communication Foundation Exposed
Session 3: Building the Next Generation of Web Applications with ASP.NET "Atlas"


Register Now to attend this event and you’ll receive a copy of the MSDN Events Resource DVD* which includes:
  • Session related videos, code and slides
  • Microsoft Expression® Suite – May CTP, including Expression Graphic Designer, Expression Interactive Designer and Expression Web Designer
  • Videos from Tech·Ed 2006
  • Articles, videos and webcasts, screencasts, starter kits, links and more on ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Atlas and AJAX, and Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals
*Limit one DVD per registered attendee while supplies last. Resource DVD must be claimed on-site at the end of the events. DVD content is subject to change.
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10 Responses to Charm Your Source Code

  1. Unknown says:

    wa alaikum salam.
    thx for comments. I also pray for Mulims Renaissance.
    hmm nice new layout…
    well take care of urself
    Allah hafiz

  2. Unknown says:

    Great Works!
    I think your are computer science related guySo ur many posts related to IT, but all of them are great graphical works.Really, I like it too much.
    Again I m asking how I can posts like ur posts?
    Ap mere sawaloon ka javab deer men dete hen?
    Again Awesome post
    Wa Salam

  3. Tarique says:

    LOVE IT!
    cya peoplez

  4. Tarique says:

    Hey! This ROCKS, I just created a blog about computers, hope you like it!

  5. Tarique says:

    لست ادري يا لهي كم من العمر سابقى جاهلا سر حياتى غرقا فى الجهل غرق
    لست ادري يا لهي ما الذى شق شجونى ما الذى امطر اشواقى دمعا من عيونى
    هل هوالخاطر قد حرك نبض فى شجونى ام هو الحق الالهى فى وريدى يتسلل

  6. Tarique says:

    I was wondering if I can pack up and output my own blogs.
    Thank u

  7. Tarique says:

    Help me!!!

  8. Tarique says:

    Take or interface with or addictive videos and put a guest book so we can see everyone who has come to our space that is so missing and it makes using the site user unfriendly. Make all buttons for photos easily seen by the many with bad eyesight so they don\’t miss important information and give everyone a translating way to communicate with everyone. I find I get so much spanish or Oriental people comming to my site and I cannot understand what they are saying back to me about my art. Thank you for your consideration.
    Best regards,

  9. Tarique says:

    Before the change to "Live" I had my space set up just great… when I went into it after the change, I had to move a couple of things around… but all in all, I didnt mind the changes… thought the friends area was pretty cool really. Anyways… I do seem to have one major flaw though… I can goto my space through MSN, and edit it all I want, but once I preview it… or try to check it out from another pc…. IE error… and the browser shuts down. I thought it might have been the code in the custom HTML box I added, but when I removed it, it still happened. The error I get is the one that asks me to send my error into Microsoft. I did an upgrade on my IE, and made sure I had no spayware and viruses….. but it still happeneds. I checked from a third PC and the same thing. I can get to other Live spaces just fine. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance!
    P.S. Pls people try my sight and see for yourself… your browser will close.

  10. Tarique says:

    I have a big problem with my blog, it is a mess, and my friends get an error when them visit my space……..I tryed to take away everything in my blog(not the comments) and put everyting on place again, I have tryed to fix new html codes, but it didn\’n work …..then I erase the blog, and I shall now trye to put my pictures and things back again, but i am afraid it will mess upp again, It\’s a lot of work.can It be something else????…….one more thing, I cant\’n have the colums to the rigth, because then my space bagan to be very slow… when i put the columns at the left it\’s ok……

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