The Developer’s Song

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, launches the next generation of integrated computing platform – Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 in India on December 9, 2005. Joining in the celebration is the Indian Rock band – Parikrama with a rock song just for our Indian developers. Called `Superhero’ the song is about the life of a programmer. Download now, and Get Ready to Rock!
Click here to download the song.
Get the lyrics here.
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14 Responses to The Developer’s Song

  1. Tarique says:

    It\’s like a superman, nice song haan………

  2. Rhoanld says:

    Yeah, the song is good. But I have a curiosity looking into your space.
    Do you work with Microsoft since the whole site is heavily stuffed with Microsoft stuffs.
    Adios Amigo

  3. Tarique says:

    how u can find this once!
    it\’s great!!

  4. Tarique says:

    Phulon se khoobsurat koi nahi.Sagar se gahara koi nahi.Aab aapki kya tarif karu…Dost me aap jaisa…Nalayak koi nahi!

  5. Tarique says:

    hi tarique,
    What Are Mashups?

  6. Tarique says:

    hello Bilal Demirci,
     Thanks for comment,

    Soon I will publishes the article on Mashups
    For information Mashups are applications that take data from different sources and combine it to form new services or user experiences. (See the article on Wikipedia).  By providing open, accessible APIs, the Windows Live Platform offers the opportunity to create mashups using the core services and data of Windows Live. Now you can build applications and mashups that combine your innovation with the power of Windows Live services and social relationships.
    Tarique kamal

  7. Rhoanld says:

    Yeah, the question is still remaining as a question. well, have you used Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2?
    I have big difficulties with software and hardware compatibilities, especially towards SCSI controllers (Adaptec AHA-2940 series).
    It already ate my 256MB nVidia Video Card, never mind coz its a beta and I am supposed to be careful.
    I am trying out SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10.1 too, since i\’ve read its better than the previous versions. Curios… Ordered and still waiting.
    Anyway, since I believe you are too much into microsoft products, eating & drinking them, if you can give some tips (searched online for almost 3 days continuous, nothing worked for that SCSI support).
    Adios Amigo.

  8. Tarique says:

    Great to see you’re Microsoft live tester

  9. Unknown says:

    Aslam o Alaikum
    Its ok…
    I have downloaded this songs and i really liked it 🙂
    Saba Syed

  10. Tarique says:

    Nice space!
    Come 2 my spaces too!

  11. Tarique says:

    Gr8 song
    Also gr8 presentation and text format
    Gr8 job buddy

  12. Tarique says:


  13. Tarique says:

    nice idea

  14. Tarique says:

    nice, Microsoft\’s teams are out doing themselves latey 🙂

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