The new Messenger is here!

Dear Messenger User:

Strike up the band, ready the confetti, and join the party—Windows Live™ Messenger, the future of MSN Messenger®, has arrived! With lots of innovation and exciting new ways to connect to your friends, it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch!

New ways to connect and share instantly!


  • Voice
    – Free PC to PC calling
    – Make affordable international calls with Windows Live Call*


  • Video Calling
    – Connect face-to-face with your friends**


  • Sharing Folders
    – Drag and drop to share personal photos, files & more


  • Cool new phones & web cams for Windows Live Messenger
    – Call your Messenger contacts from the couch


  • Windows Live Contacts
    – Your friends’ contact info is always current


All you had before–plus more!

Be among the first to join the next generation of Messenger—use your existing MSN® Messenger account or Hotmail® email account to upgrade and get started now! Then tell your friends to join you! Your contacts and content will follow to your new account without missing a beat.

Welcome to the future!

Your friends on the Windows Live Messenger team


*PC to phone calling is a pay service provided by Verizon Web Calling
**Requires Web cam and broadband connection

You are receiving this message because you are a valued Microsoft customer. If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please read the Windows Live Privacy Statement at

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6 Responses to The new Messenger is here!

  1. Unknown says:

    Asalam o Alaikumbohat bohat shukriya is tabsire ka. yaqeen janiye.. mujhe kuch bhi bura nahi laga. itna tafseeli tabsra mujhe behad pasand aya. aur
    kafi bareekbini se jo aap ne is nazm ki kamzoriyan batayee hain us k liye shukriya aur un mien se mien ne colors remove ker diye
    hain. is k ilawa Mahu-e-Sukhan wali sitrien mujhe kuch achi nahi lagi is nazm mien.. is wajah se k koi taal-mail nahi ho raha tha un
    ka.. jesa k aap ne bhi nishandahi ki k aur doosri lines bhi kuch irrelivant hain. lekin mien unhe hata nahi sakti k k phir bache ga hi kia.
    lekin ainda InshAllah in baaton ka khayal rakhoon gi. shair log tanqeed ko bilkul pasand kerte hain.. balke unhe tanqeed chahe bara-e-aslah ho ya tanqeed bara-e-tanqeed donon ka
    intezar rehta hai… 🙂 mere khayal se tanqeed hi hai jis ne barhe barhe adeebon ki azeem shahkaron ko takhleeq kerne mien madad
    di.aik bar phir se aap ka bohat bohat shukriya k aap ne itna acha tabsira kiya.apna khayal rakhiye gaAllah Hafiz

  2. Unknown says:

    Wow I\’m going to download this messenger…. as ya said, Going To Welcome The Future …

  3. Tarique says:

    nice space and good graphical representations

  4. Tarique says:

    اک پشیمان سی حسرت سے مجھے سوچتا ہےاب وہی شہر محبت سے مجھے سوچتا ہےمیں تو محدود سے لمحوں میں ملی تھی اس سےپھر بھی وہ کتنی وضاحت سے مجھے سوچتا ہےمیں تو مر جاؤں اگر سوچنے لگوں اسےوہ کتنی سہولت سے مجھے سوچتا ہےاگرچہ ترک مراسم کو بہت دیر ہوئیاب بھی وہ میری اجازت سے مجھے سوچتا ہے

  5. Tarique says:

    Tarique, Windows Live will replace parts of MSN (like the Messenger) but MSN will still serve as a news portal, as it says somewhere on Windows Live (forgot the URL, but yes it\’s somewhere on there XD).Anyways, this is a nice update. =D However, some modules tend to be rendered (a bit) improperly on Firefox (I know the Windows Live Gallery, Mail, and the news modules with images on the right side are a fact; the Mail doesn\’t allow you to click on "Mail" as a hyperlink), and it doesn\’t even show in Opera (sorry about this much pickiness) nor any Mac-running browser.

  6. Tarique says:

    Will this new program effect my communication  voice and video with the people in cancun i communicate with the have messenger 7.0 or 7.5 thats my main worry because thats very inportant

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