Competitive Reports and Evidence

Competitive Reports and Evidence: Comparing .NET to J2EE

This site contains extensive materials designed to help you evaluate Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE application server technologies. Each area below contains downloadable whitepapers, benchmark comparisons, and sample source code.  If you are a Java developer interested in learning more about .NET, please also visit the following resources:

Resources for Java Developers

Competitive Reports and Evidence: Comparing .NET to J2EE
his site contains extensive materials designed to help you evaluate Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE application server technologies.   


Java Interoperability Resources
No application is an island, and the need to interoperate is common. The links on this page discuss how best to write code and systems that interoperate between .NET and Java/J2EE.   


C# Language for the Java Developer
Learn about the similarities and differences between C# and Java.   
System.out.println("Hello World!");

The application server market is currently dominated by two technologies: Java, and Microsoft .NET. According to a recent study by Forrester, 56% of enterprises surveyed will be using the .NET Framework as their primary development environment in 2005. The remaining enterprises will be using Java as their primary development environment. (Click here for the full report, 633 KB PDF).

Given the high concentration of both Java and Microsoft .NET developers worldwide, we launched this Resources for Java Developers center to provide a collection of resources for Java developers interested in interoperability, migration, and development with the .NET Framework. This developer center starts by pulling together existing resources from MSDN and other sources that Java developers have told us are particularly useful. In the coming months, we will be adding more resources, such as online Java Migration Training, the results of Simon Guests’ Web Services Interoperability Matrix (WSIM) project, and more.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. Questions? Comments? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do you have requests for additional content? Please let us know by dropping us a line at (Please, no flames )

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7 Responses to Competitive Reports and Evidence

  1. Yousef says:

    Hi Tarique
    How are you?! I hope you are fine…
    First of all; I want to thank you for your comment on "Enough is Enough", I really appreciate it.
    Second of all; I\’m wondering what language is this!! Is it Persian?! Are you from Iran?!
    Anyway, thanks again,,,
    Yousef Hani

  2. Unknown says:

    ty for the comment…and inresting here…afraid I don\’t know about all this…just learning about my computer

  3. Unknown says:

    Thanks dear  4 ur comment,
    It is the first time to visit ur space, it seems nice, had alot of works,
    but to be honest, i cannot understand most of them, why? i asked myself, why?i found the answer,,,it is ur symbole in your blogs or it is kind of languages 😉
    Hope to illustrate to me to understand your work
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Shahbazz says:

    Kamsekam mere MOGAMBO ko samajh main to aata hai urdu adab;)- haha….yahan to itne mogambo hain jo yeh tak nahi jaante ke dunya ki sabse khoobsoorat aur jazbaati zabaan….jis ke har lafz main ek ehsaas hai, asal main Urdu hai:)-
    Thanks a ton for the Hamd..I am planning to use it in Amerikistan:)-
    Waise I love Inshaaaa\’\’\’\’ jee uthho….ab kooch karo;)-  YOU are one of the rare breeds jinho ne computers and poetry ka hybrid bana diya:)

  5. Tarique says:

    you have submitted a Nazm which is requested by Shahbazz in his space.

    فرض کرو
    فرض کروہم اہل وفا ہوں،فرض کرودیوانے ہوں فرض کرویہ دونوں باتیں جھوٹی ہوں افسانے ہوں فرض کرویہ جی کی بپتا، جی سے جوڑ سنائی ہو فرض کروابھی اور ہو اتنی، آدھی ہم نے چھپائی ہو فرض کروتمھیں خوش کرنے کے ڈھونڈے ہم نے بہانے ہوں فرض کرویہ نین تمھارے سچ مچ کے میخانے ہوں فرض کرویہ روگ ہو جھوٹا، جھوٹی پیت ہماری ہو فرض کرواس پیت کے روگ میں سانس بھی ہم پر بھاری ہو فرض کرویہ جوگ بجوگ ہم نے ڈھونگ رچایا ہو فرض کروبس یہی حقیقت باقی سب کچھ مایا ہو دیکھ مری جاں کہ گئے باہو، کون دلوں کی جانے “ہو“ بستی بستی صحرا صحرا، لاکھوں‌کریں دیوانے “ہو“ جوگی بھی جو نگر نگر میں مارے مارے پھرتے ہیں کاسہ لئے بھبوت رمائے سب کے دوارے پھرتے ہیں شاعر بھی جو میٹھی بولی بول کے من کو ہرتے ہیں بنجارے جو اونچے داموں جی کے سودے کرتے ہیں ان میں سچے موتی بھی ہیں، ان میں‌کنکر پتھر بھی ان میں اتھلے پانی بھی ہیں، ان میں گہرے ساگر بھی گوری دیکھ کے آگے بڑھنا، سب کا جھوٹا سچا، “ہو“ ڈوبنے والی ڈوب گئی، وہ گھڑا تھا جس کا کچا “ہو“
    you not, You add this Nazm in your space too.

  6. Tarique says:

    زندگی میں ہر چیز خواب ہوتی ہے۔ کوئی جاگتی آنکھوں سے دیکھتا ہے اور کوئی بند آنکھوں سے۔ بس اتنی سی بات ہے۔

  7. ali242 says:

    thanx for da comment u got a hype site aswell

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