Dawn & Jang e-papers

Dawn has launched a proper e-paper which will now complement its printed version. Check it out at epaper.dawn.com. I loved this new version and strongly feel it will cater into our fast paced lifestyle where it sometimes becomes a problem to read the printed version. For those addicted to the printed version it will surely be a blessing to be able to quickly track the relevant news with a simple click. Good Job Dawn, as per my knowledge Jang innovation could be a first for Pakistan. I have mentioned Jang Multimedia in my previous blog

Prior to reading the digital paper you need to register for free, the only problem that I came across was the inability of FireFox support and had to resort to using my dormant IE icon (Internet Explorer may finally come into more use after lying dormant for so long). Download speeds could be a hindrance for the local dial-ups but expatriates will enjoy the feel of this e-paper to more resemble the printed version.

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