Microsoft Launches Empower Program for Software Industry in Pakistan

Microsoft Pakistan has launched its global Empower Program for the Software Industry in Pakistan with active support and participation from Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA). The launching ceremony in both Karachi and Lahore attracted a large gathering of software industry entrepreneurs and professionals who were eager to learn about the attractive benefits offered by this program from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s global Empower Program is created to provide helpful technical resources for developing software solutions on an array of Microsoft platforms. Upon enrollment, the software company acquires a large number of resources such as developer tools, software, technical support, sales and marketing initiatives, case studies, best practices, and regular software updates for business development and growth.

Mr. Jawwad Rehman, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan during his address summarized the Empower program by stating that the “Empower program provides an extremely cost-effective, unprecedented and unparalleled opportunity for the software industry to partner with Microsoft and access the global market for their software applications.”

The launching ceremonies were also addressed by the Managing Director Dr. Aamir Matin, and Mr. Waqar Butt of PSEB; Ms. Jehan Ara, President of PASHA along with Mr. Vaqar Khamisani, ISV Manager of Microsoft Pakistan.

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One Response to Microsoft Launches Empower Program for Software Industry in Pakistan

  1. Tarique says:

    اثر اس پر ذرا نہيں ہوتا


    اثر اس پر ذرا نہيں ہوتا رنج راحت فزا نہيں ہوتا تم ہمارے کسي طرح نہ ہوئے ورنہ دنيا ميں کيا نہيں ہوتا نارسائي سے دم رکے تو رکے ميں کسي سے خفا نہيں ہوتا تم ميرے پاس ہوتے ہو گويا جب کوئي دوسرا نہيں ہوتا حال ِ دل يار کو لکھوں کيونکر ہاتھ دل سے جدا نہيں ہوتا کيوں سنے عرض ِ مضطر، اے مومن صنم آخر خدا نہيں ہوتا
    (مومن خان مومن)

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