The Islamic New Year

Will ‘adopt’ and be a mentor/role-model to a small brother or sister in the family, at the mosque, Islamic school, or among circle of family friends

  • To find Islamic role-models is one of the hardest things today
  • Be that one that families, children, youth look upto as an example of a good Muslim, human being, successful in all aspects of life, and there for others.
  • Children run around our Islamic centres because no one cares to talk to them or play with them while the ‘adults’ discuss their important matters. Who is going to take care of these matters when the ‘adults’ are gone? The children!
  • Your brother/sisters gets enough negative brain-washing at school and on TV, you are lucky if the time you spend with them barely neutralizes that effect much less gives them confidence in their identity, self-respect, uniqueness, special gifts.
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2 Responses to The Islamic New Year

  1. Tarique says:

    Happy New Year u too.

  2. Tarique says:

    تمام مسلمان بھائی بہنوں کو ١٤٢٦‌هـ مبارک اللہ سبحانہ و‌تعالٰی ہم سب کو اس سال کی خیر ‌و‌بھلائی میں بھرپور حصہ عطا فرمائیں اور اس کے شر سے ہمیں محفوظ فرمائیں۔ اللهم آمین

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