Get a Sneak peek

Windows Vista and Microsoft Office "12".
Platforms for the next generation of software.

Get a jump on the opportunities created by the release of Windows Vista™ and Microsoft® Office "12"* to deliver the next generation of client platform solutions. Attend one of our half-day events and learn how Windows Vista and Office "12" will help you build applications that include the latest advances in user interface, collaboration, mobility, workflow, security, and services.

These complimentary, demo-driven events are being offered in twenty-two cities nationwide from January to March—giving you a sneak peek at features still in the works. You might even win** a Microsoft Xbox 360™.

Who should attend?
If you are curious to see the proposed new features of these exciting technologies—these events are for you. They are highly beneficial for ISV Developers and Technical Decision Makers.

What you’ll learn at ISV Touchdown Briefings.

 A preview of Windows Vista, including:

  • New presentation, communication, and workflow subsystems that provide support for multiple form factors, input methods, media types, services, data sources, workflow, and identities.
  • Improvements in operating system security, deployment, manageability, and reliability.
  • The new Expression suite of tools used to create a superior user interface by enabling designers and developers to collaborate sharing common Microsoft WinFX™ elements.

 A preview of Office "12", including:

  • The new UI extensibility model which includes: Application-centric task panes, add-in development, and Ribbon UI extensibility features.
  • The Microsoft Office System open XML File Format, which allows for manipulation of files, creating files without using the individual programs, repurposing content, and merging files with business data.
  • New Investments in Server-Side Components with Office "12": Excel Services, InfoPath Forms Server, and the enhanced capabilities of Share Point Portal Server v3 Office "12" will provide applications with server-based infrastructure for data calculation, common workspaces, and document lifecycle management.
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