Windows OneCore


I post this special post for bdtmz.

In previous post I mentioned Wndows OneCore and here is image my Windows OneCore .(See)



You may login with MSN ID and create your own Live Windows.

This window not refers as a Windows Vista.

اور دیکھو میں نے تمھاری ویب سائیٹ کا فیڈ  بھی استعمال کر لیا ھے۔


Tarique kamal

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2 Responses to Windows OneCore

  1. M says:

    hiwindows live is microsoft\’s web 2.0 version of services which will be free and is to dominent the webwindows live is designed to go one on one with google\’s personalized page which can be found at a same like service which is not supported as much as windows live is from microsft can b found at windows one care is microsoft\’s antivirus to protect windows official site is and if you want to signup, download and install windows one care beta right now please visit a full article about windows one care can b found at so we conclude that windows one care is an antiviruswindows live is microsoft\’s step to web version 2.0and windows vista is next generation operating system.take care and keep posting 🙂 with best wishesbdtmz

  2. M says:

    u can also check out wats coming up for msn as wave 11 is about to be implemented at

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